UNVEILING PROJECT by Frank Xarate. The Latin word develāre, which can be translated as “to remove the veil”, came into our language as unveil. This verb refers to making known something that was hidden or that, until then, was unknown.Unveiling is a mancía, an action related to the interpre-tation of coffee, more specifically in the final residue when consumed.This interpretation of a future or present is generated through a system of symbols and meanings designed to decode a message, which will be revealed to the user and he will interpret according to his experience.This project consists of seven filters in accordance with the seven days of the week, each filter details certain type of information related to the energy of the planets, symbolism and meaning according to the day in which the reading will be given. The interpretation will depend on the spot, its shape, path and the fields it activates in the filter. And obviously of the drink, in this case the coffee that plays an important role in the unveiling.The context of the action Possible scenarios for the interaction of the play will be taken as a framework:The first is a personal reading where the artist and the spectator are at a table together drinking coffee and waiting to activate the stain on the filter for their respective reading.The second is a collective coffee break, where a number of filters are arranged to be used and when the time comes to give a reading via email, or through the Insta-gram platform, defining the users with an identification number.The idea is to think that the act of drinking coffee, not only be thought as a way to activate the physical plane (our body), but also our sensory plane (emotions), which gives us the engine to start every day.This project is framed in the concept of relational art.During the creation and process of this project of my authorship, framed in the postgraduate course of conceptual design, I realized the importance of art, in correlation with the other (spectator) as a constructor and important part of the work, in view of this I annex these concepts that denote the perspective of relational art, with which I identify this project.A group of artistic practices that propose social and human relations as their means and end, instead of the production of objects in a private artistic space. Relatio-nal art creates and problematizes relationships instead of concentrating on artistic objects, seeking to create a “utopia of proximity”.Bourriaud attributes this transformation in the concep-tion of artistic activity to the relations of proximity that the city generates: “[…] an art form where intersubjecti-vity forms the substrate and which takes as its central theme the being together, the ‘encounter’ between spectator and work, the collective elaboration of meaning. Art is a state of encounter. Relational Aesthetics.

Nicolas Bourriaud Below are images detailing part of the project:



UNVEILING PROJECT Frank Xarate è il progetto selezionato e non vicitore della call Locus Amoenus 2020 per la residenza I’M di Maison Ventidue .

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